The products are tested by SGS, TUV, PSB; and the factory is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14024:1999 qualified. The products manufactured are used for multi purposes, and exported around the world to the reputed customers in USA, Middle East, Australia, Africa, Europe, South Asia, etc. 

1.    Fiber Cement Board (Standard & Compressed)
Standard Size: 1220*2440mm or 1200*2400mm
Basic Color: Grey
•    Fire-resistance
•    Heat insulating
•    Water-proofing and moisture proof 
•    High-Strength and Lightweight 
•    Good for environment, 100% asbestos free 

2.    Colored Fiber Cement Board
Standard Size: 1220*2440mm or 1200*2400mm
Various colors available: Red, Yellow, Grey, White, Pink, Coffee








3.    Wood Grain Fiber Cement Board and Fiber Cement Siding
It is Embossed Board that looks like real wood, and can be painted with different colors.



















4.    Calcium Silicate Board
Standard Size: 1220*2440mm or 1200*2400mm
Basic Color: Light Yellow
•    Fire-resistance
•    Heat insulating
•    Water-proofing and moisture proof 
•    High-Strength and Lightweight 
•    Good for environment, 100% asbestos free 





5.    Magnesium  Oxide Board (MGO Board)
Magnesium Oxide Board is a technologically advanced building material that offers superior performance in every category when compared to traditional wood, gypsum and cement based products. Magnesium Oxide Board is virtually impervious to fire, water, insects; does not feed mold or mildew; is non-toxic, non- flammable and non-combustible; is durable, maintains its dimensional stability – even when wet; and has exceptional bonding surface.

1) Purity: MgO 86% and MgCl 46%
2) Sizes: 1220mm x 2440mm / 915mm x 1830mm
3) Thickness: 3-20 mm
4) Other sizes available and accept OEM size
5) Edge finished: square tapered 

Applications: partition wall of office room, shipping mall, theater, ceiling etc.

















6.    Sandwich Panel

7.    Fiber Cement Ceiling Tile
Standard Size: 595*595mm and 603*603mm
 Thickness: 4-6mm
(1)Rich in color, artistic, moisture proof, easy to install.  
(2)Sound-absorbing and sound-resistance structure
(3)Fire-proof structure
(4) Water-proof structure


8.    Cement Bonded Particle Board
Cement Bonded Particle Board made out of 62% cement & 28% wood. The wood used is of fast-growing species like Eucalyptus & Poplar. Due to adoption of a special manufacturing process, the panel acquires the strength & durability of cement, & the easy workability of wood - a combination of qualities absent in other boards. Cement is strong & durable, & is not affected by fire, weather, termites, etc. Wood is light & strong, & is easily machinable. As the wood particles in the board are mineralized with chemicals during the manufacturing process, the particles become termite & vermin resistant.
This multipurpose building board - a proven product in countries around the world contains no hazardous material like Asbestos or Formaldehyde. Its process dust is harmless. 

It has innumerable applications - it can be used in all places where an ordinary particle board can be used. For example, it can be used for wall partitions, false ceilings, doors, wall claddings, flooring, kitchen platforms, table tops, stair cases, louvers, cabinets, cabins, & many more.
The boards are fire, water, weather, termite, & vermin resistant, & achieve both dimensional & chemical stability over a long construction period. It confirms to I.S.O. 8335 / 1987 (International Standards Organization) & I.S. 14276 / 1995. Further, it can be used for the construction of fire resistant building elements to satisfy the criteria of I.S.O. 834-1975 & I.S. 3809 - 1979 for 1/2 hour to 4 hours fire rating. It is eco-friendly with IGBC certificate & GRIHA / SVAGRIHA compliance.

Designer/Embossed Cement Bonded Particle Board















Laminated Cement Bonded Particle Board












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