We produce and supply Top-grade stainless steel sinks.
We specialize in producing high quality Stainless Steel Sinks and accessories. We have advanced production technology with constant innovation of products. We have gained immense reputation in domestic market as well as in Europe, South America, South East Asia and other countries, and a renowned OEM/ODM factory.

a)    Single Bowl Sinks
b)    Single Bowl Single Drain
c)    Single Bowl Double Drain
d)    Double Bowl Sinks
e)    Double Bowl Single Drain
f)     Double Bowl Double Drain
g)    Triple Bowl Sinks
h)    Triple Bowl Single Drain
i)     Designer Sinks
j)     Handmade Sinks
k)    Wash Basin
l)     Accessories



Address: 67, First Floor, Sukh Vihar, Delhi-110051, India

Tel: +91-9999 896656

Fax: +91-11-22500497


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