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Starch is viewed as a major nutritional material to provide energy for human or as a major functional ingredient in food recipes to provide characteristic viscosity, texture, mouth-feel and consistency of many food products. However, in fact, starch has found uses in various nonfood applications such as paper, textile, cosmetic, adhesive, bakery, leather, pharmaceutical & other industries.


We can supply starch in any quantity as per your requirement.

Types of Starch that we supply:

a)    Tapioca Starch – Native, Modified
b)    Corn Starch – Native, Modified

Modified Starch is further classified into – 
1.    Oxidized Starch
2.    Cationic Starch

Packing: 25kgs; 50kgs; 850kgs PP bag

a)    As an additive for food processing, food starches are typically used as thickeners and stabilizers in foods such as puddings, custards, soups, sauces, gravies, pie fillings, and salad dressings, and to make noodles and pastas
b)    Papermaking is the largest non-food application for starches globally, consuming millions of metric tons annually. In a typical sheet of copy paper for instance, the starch content may be as high as 8%. Both chemically modified and unmodified starches are used in papermaking.
c)    Corrugated board adhesives are the next largest application of non-food starches globally
d)    It is used in the construction industry in the gypsum wall board manufacturing process.
e)    Starch is used in the manufacture of various adhesives or glues for book-binding, wallpaper adhesives, paper sack production, tube winding, gummed paper, envelop adhesives, school glues and bottle labeling.
f)    Clothing starch or laundry starch is a liquid that is prepared by mixing a vegetable starch in water (earlier preparations also had to be boiled), and is used in the laundering of clothes.
g)    Starch is also used to make some packing peanuts, and some drop ceiling tiles.
h)    Textile chemicals from starch are used to reduce breaking of yarns during weaving; the warp yarns are sized, especially for cotton. Starch is also used as textile printing thickener.
i)    In the printing industry, food grade starch is used in the manufacture of anti-set-off spray powder used to separate printed sheets of paper to avoid wet ink being set off.
j)    Starch is used to produce various bioplastics, synthetic polymers that are biodegradable. 
i)    For body powder, powdered corn starch is used as a substitute for talcum powder, and similarly in other health and beauty products.
j)    In oil exploration, starch is used to adjust the viscosity of drilling fluid, which is used to lubricate the drill head and suspend the grinding residue in petroleum extraction.
k)    Glucose from starch can be further fermented to bio fuel ethanol.
l)    Hydrogen production can use starch as the raw material, using enzymes


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