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The POLYMERS manufactured are high quality wide range of specialized engineering plastics, including PP, ABS, PBT, PC, PVC and Thermoplastic Elastomers, with high-quality properties that meet customer needs including High Strength, Heat Resistance, Flame Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Dimensional Stability, etc to cater many industries for various applications. 

We select the coloring agents, which meet customer needs for color varieties and are best suited for all types of plastics, which can be applied in a wide range of areas, including Automobiles, Electric/Electronic parts, Sheets, Films, Fibers, and other industrial applications, and is exported around the world.

Types of Polymers that we supply:
1.    Homopolymer

2.    Random Copolymer

3.    Impact Copolymer

4.    PP Compound
a)    Glass Fiber Reinforced Compounds
b)    Mineral Filler Reinforced Compounds
c)    GF+MF Reinforced Compounds

5.    ABS Compound
a)    Glass Fiber Reinforced Compound

6.    PBT Compound
a)    Glass Fiber Reinforced Compound
b)    Flame Retardant Compound

7.    PC Compound
a)    Glass Fiber Reinforced Compound

8.    PVC Compound

9.    Thermoplastic Elastomers

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