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Hardboard, an eco-friendly wood-based panel manufactured using plantation species of timber, is an extremely versatile and cost-effective building material.


Hardboards are formed with fibers of wood and made by high pressure compression and temperature during a pressing process. The high-density boards satisfy the most demanding applications as a result of tempering or other treatments that achieve great physical and mechanical characteristics and excellent dimensional stability. Raw and lacquered hardboard panels are used in many applications including construction, packaging, furniture, upholstery, door skins, toys, and automobile and caravan interiors. Hardboard is required for packaging of fruits, vegetables and mineral water bottles because it is a natural product.


The unique wet-process production system involved in the hardboard manufacture assembles a smooth side and a mesh pattern on the reverse – which is valued by the packaging industry as an anti-skid surface. In addition, special hardboard can be produced for roof underlay board applications with very high resistance to humidity and water absorption.


Our hardboard is available in a wide range of products and thicknesses to satisfy customer requirements and is also used in highly specialized applications, including perforated boards for molding. We can offer customers additional special services including cut to size, and drilling and milling.



Applications: Automotive interior trims, shoe heel manufacture, fiber drum lid manufacture, clock backing, photo frame backing, furniture elements, partitions, packaging, etc.

Salient Features:

  • Manufactured using plantation species of timber.

  • Good mechanical properties due to high density.

  • No Formaldehyde emission.

  • Available in the thickness range of 1.8mm to 6mm.


Applications: Shoe heel manufacture, automobile interior trims, application requiring improved resistance to weathering.

Salient Features:

  • Significantly improved mechanical properties.   

  • 100% reduction in water absorption characteristics.

  • Used in value added applications by automotive trim manufacturers.

  • Available in the thickness range of 2.5mm to 6mm.


Salient Features:

  • Cladding material meeting acoustic requirements.          

  • Available in standard and tempered form.

  • Available in 3mm and 4mm thickness.


We also make Lacquered Hardboard mainly in 3mm, but against specific orders, we could make 4.5mm and 6mm also in standard size 4’x8’. All paints are water based, free from harmful chemicals and totally safe to both personnel and the environment. It is manufactured to enrich the beauty of wall panels, ceilings and all kinds of furniture…to add color to décor with the rapture of nature. Please note any shade which is not in our currently offered range can be developed for you. It combines eco-friendly technologies from West Germany and from Italy - which has a long and noble tradition in making furniture and interior decoration.

  • The basic decorative panel. Pre-finished with the specified unicolor or grain finish on one side, It is ideally suited for applications in furniture making like drawer bottom panel and cabinet backing. It is also widely used in automotive coach building, handicraft and toy manufacture etc. It comes in a specially grooved format for paneling and ceiling applications.

  • Panels prefinished with the desired unicolour and perforated in the specified design. Ideally suited for cladding auditoriums, studios and other venues requiring acoustic properties where the aesthetics is equally important. Thickness - 3mm & 4mm. Size – 4’x4

Salient Features:

  • Free from formaldehyde or any toxic emission

  • It is a totally eco-friendly pre-finished panel

  • Excellent moisture barrier

  • Outstanding decorative surface akin to natural wood

  • Ready-to-use -nail, cut or screw

  • Eliminates the need to bond to another substrate. Hence saves on money, time and effort.

  • It is specially processed with ultraviolet rays to prevent ageing, peeling and to provide protection against moisture and micro-organisms in extremes of climatic conditions. It has a very long life and will retain its vibrant natural looks for years on end.


We produce different patterns in embossed hardboard in size 1220mm x 2440mm from 3mm until 6mm.


a)    Plain MDF/HDF
b)    Pre-Laminated MDF/HDF (Melamine MDF/HDF; Veneer MDF/HDF)
c)    Embossed MDF/HDF


MDF and HDF are the most versatile of wood panel products. It is a fiber board made from wood or lignocellulosic material refined into fibers and reconstituted with a resin binder carrying elevated temperatures. The main advantage is its homogeneous structure with uniform texture and properties throughout. It is easier to machine than natural wood and can be intricately and precisely machined and finished for producing the highest quality of furniture, cabinets and construction components.

Salient Features:

  • The surface stands for flawless quality of material and technology – free of defects such as waviness, telescoping, air pockets or other forms of defective bonding.

  • It can be laminated, veneered, lacquered, painted, printed, or coated with PVC.

  • It can be turned, profiled, routed, carved and grooved – just like wood. It also has superior flexibility and screw-holding capacity. It facilitates mass production, unlike pre-laminated particle boards and plywood. Saves labor and time.

  • MDF and HDF boards undergo various chemical treatments that make them termite, borer and fungus resistant.

  • MDF and HDF boards are produced from 100% renewable and sustainable wood resources sourced from agro-forestry plantation trees.


Application: Furniture, Modular Kitchen, Audio Cabinets, Decorative Doors & Panels, Sculptures & Moldings, Packing Boxes, Toys, Photo Laminations, Whiteboards, Decorative Gift Items, Handicrafts, Sports Goods, Speaker Boxes, Shoe Heels, Wall & Ceiling Paneling.

We could supply Plain and Pre-Laminated MDF & HDF made of your choice of wood species which includes 100% Eucalyptus Wood, 100% Rubber Wood, 100% Mix Tropical Wood.


a)    Plain Particle Board
b)    Pre-Laminated Particle Board
c)    Hollow Particle Board



Our Softboard is soft, resilient, light colored sheet material 10 to 25 mm thick. They are grooved or drilled to improve their sound absorbing capabilities and then used as acoustic boards. They are used for ceilings and wall linings particularly where reflected sound is to be reduced. Our soft boards are highly suitable for ceiling, partitions, panels and floorings.

Sizes generally available are: 
Sheets: 1220mm x 2440mm (4' x 8') and 1220mm x 1220mm (4' x 4').
Thickness available are 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm and 25mm up to 100mm.




Size: 1220*2440mm 1250*2500mm

Thickness: 9/12/15/18mm

Glue: MR/WBP/melamine

Raw material: poplar, hardwood

Usage: Packing/ furniture/ construction

Density: 680-750kgs/m3

Certificate: CARB, CE, ISO9001:2008

MC: 4-15%

Packing: Seaworthy pallets packing



  • Size: 1220*2440*9/12/15/18mm 1250*2500*9/12/15/18mm

  • Density: 680-750kgs/m3 

  • Glue: MR/WBP/Melamine

  • Raw Material: Poplar, Hardwood

  • MC: 4-15%



  • OSB has properties similar to plywood, but is uniform and cheaper.

  • OSB has a greater load-bearing capacity than milled wood panels.

  • Water-proof and strong shock resistance, high strength, good heat and sound resistant

  • OSB is used for roof decking, roof sarking, wall sheathing, flooring, decoration, packing, hoarding etc.

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